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We're are a small import company based in the city of Buckeye. The mechandise that we import is mostly mexican pottery and mexican artesian art. Our products range from wooden furniture to pottery. At the current moment we are only carring pottery for retails, but we do plan to bring in more mechadise from Mexico and other Latin American countries. The difference between us and the rest of our competitors, is that we have centralized manufacturers that produce our product, instead of jumping from local producer to producers trying to find the same mechadise at diffent kinds a quality. We only import "First Pick Merchandise" which means that our product has little or no deffect. Some of the product in the market is second or third pick mechandise.

Casa De Pottery is proud of our customer service and our dedications to our customer. We treat our customer like people and not like a number.

Please feel free to give us a call.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Casa De

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Natual Basket Weave Pot
Black Mexican Basket Planter
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Red Tonala Urn
Rustic Green Footed Bowl Planter
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Rustic Black Scalloped Bowl Planter
Promotional Piece
Hand painted and ready to decorate any room, patio, or front yard of any house.
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