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Casa De Pottery .comasa De Pottery .com is an importer of Mexican pottery and Mexican artesania, " Mexican cultural art." The SPhillips Pottery is made of 100% Terra Cota clay that is hand painted by skillful artisans in the lovely state of Guanajuato, Mexico. From Guanajuato, the pottery is transported to the beautiful state of Arizona. Our collection offer a wide range of house hold pots, urns, small and large planter, wall clay animal ornaments and our famous clay suns.
At the present moment, we are not shipping to single customers. We are only providing delivery to our wholesale customer. But if you see a piece that you just have to have, please let us know.

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mexican pottery jug planterOur garden pottery and planters range from small decorative center pieces to large scale outdoor flower pot and planters. Our pots and planter colors range from a natural rustic color, red color, rustic color green and burnt orange color. Unique to the southwestern pottery style States, our pottery brings a new look to the tired misconception of what Mexican pottery should look like and feel.

Mexican Pottery rustic salamander In our Special Pieces section we offer a section a wall ornaments that include wall Frogs, wall Salamanders, wall Suns, standing candle holders Angels and more. True to our style, all of our special pieces have been hand painted by skillful artisans giving our special pieces a unique look.

Mexican chicken pottery planterOur Animal planters offer a different look to a classic image. Our most famous pieces are still the Chicken planters. Our Animal Planters could be used to hold both artificial and natural plants.


Mexican pottery cup planter
Cup planters have been used to decorate many home entrances. In the past, cup planters have not been popular with many customers, but since we offer a different look to these beautiful planters, many customer have started to introduce them back into their homes.

mexican pottery chimneyWe carry several styles of chimneys that are both decorative and wood burning. At the present moment, most of the chimneys that are carried are for decorative use only. But with the winter month coming, we will be presenting a new line of wood, or back yard chimneys.

Mexican pottery talaveraOur Talavera product, well at least by us, is considered to be one of the best in the market. Our entire product is hand painted by skillful artisans on our terra cota clay pots, planters, animals and chimneys. The colors that we use on our talavera are pure whites, blues, yellows reds and greens. These colors give our talavera an impressive decorative style that has not been seen in a long time.

Mexican pottery urnOur Urn collection is one of our fastest sellers. Staying true to our style, we carry the basic colors, but offer a new style in Urns. Our smaller Urns are made for indoors only, but can be combined with any style of plant to offer a design to any home or garden.

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Rustic color scalloped bowl planter is perfect for small interior or exterior house plants. Great for large tables or house corners.
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